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Facial tissue СUBE

Brand Tischa Papier
Product group Facial tissue
Color white
Material cellulose / 2-ply
Usage beauty salons, dentistry, hotels
S 780
Availability: Under the order (01.10.2020)
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Multifunctional two-layer cosmetic napkins are made of 100% cellulose, have a soft and, at the same time, strong texture, convenient to use. Napkins are a good absorbent, allowing you to quickly absorb liquid, leaving the surface dry. Paper napkins are universally used both in cosmetology, and for cleaning office equipment - phones, computers, printers and other items. It is possible to customize the application of your logo or other advertising information.

Basis material 100% cellulose, BASIC
Number of layers / grammature 2/ 15 г/м²
Embossing Edge embosing ( краевое тиснение)
Fold type V-fold
Sheet size 225х195 мм
Number of sheets per pack 80 sheets/ pack weight with napkins - 0,14 кg
Number of packs / sheets in the box 45 boxes/ 3600 sheets
Size / Package Weight 390х390х600 мм/ 6,3 кg
Number of packages on pallet 18 boxes/ 810 small boxes
Unit of sale pack (small box)
Country of origin Ukraine

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