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Liquid soap ELETTO Milk cocktail 3L

Brand АТМА
Product group Hand and body liquid soap
Color white
Usage swimming pools, hotels, fitness centers
Availability: In Stock (01.10.2020)
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Hand and body cream soap consists of high quality components with emollient additives, produces rich foam and creamy lather, provides delicate care, smoothes skin. Pastel shade soap with fine aroma.
The series includes: Milk cocktail, Exotic fresh, Fruit nectar, Chocolate mousse

Composition purified water, sodium laureth sulfate, styrene-acrylic copolymer, sodium chloride, coco diethanolamide, betaine, glycerol, plant extract, EDTA tetrasodium salt, citric acid, aromatic composition, dyes.
Fragrance milk coctail
Packing type canister
Volume 3 L
On the pallet 88 pcs
Country of origin Ukraine

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