Garbage sorting is an easy step into a clean future!

The problem of waste utilization is actual not only in Ukraine, but around the world. Every minute we clog the planet by various wastes with different decomposition time.

For example, cigarette butt thrown by the trash can decompose within 1-5 years, a polyethylene product - from 10 to 20 years, an ordinary tin can - up to 100 years and a glass bottle – more than 500 years.

How to sort the waste?

The main thing in the waste sorting is identification of the group for utilization. There are 5 standard groups of waste:

  • organic;
  • glass;
  • paper;
  • metal;
  • plastic.

It is correct to put the waste of meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, bread, semi-finished products, confectionery, tea and coffee leftovers and other food waste and also houseplants and flowers to containers marked "Organic".

To bins intended for tare made from glass, metal and plastic it is allowed to put only:

  • plastic bottles for oil, ketchup, mayonnaise, jars for creams and shampoo, plastic plates and boxes, PE bags and films;
  • glass tare;
  • tin cans, metal lids etc

The container with the "Paper and Cardboard" sign is used for newspapers, catalogs, magazines, brochures, notebooks, clean and used paper for notes and drawing, envelopes, books without hardcover, cardboards, paper bags and paper tare.

Especially dangerous wastes should be passed to a special collection pointes. There are rest of oils, oil filters, rest of glue, paint, varnish and solvents, fluorescent lamps, medical waste, chemicals and pesticides, mercury thermometers, batteries and accumulators.

ATMA has a wide rank of containers

The assortment of our online store has a huge rank of various bins for paper, glass, organics, metal and plastic.

These products are an ideal solution for collecting of the sorted waste, because they are:

  • mobile (plastic containers are lightweight and transported without much effort);
  • reasonably priced;
  • durable (especially during mechanical impacts and accidental falls);
  • easy to maintain and care;
  • made from high-quality materials without recycled additives.