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The ATMA company provides a large selection of paper products under the TISCHA PAPIER TM.

The assortment includes such universal and popular products as: napkins, towels, toilet paper, cleaning material, couch sheets and toilet seat covers. The products are made from 100% moisture resistant and instant cellulose, depending on the purpose of the product, using modern technologies. For the production of economical options, secondary raw materials (recycled waste paper) are used.

When choosing paper products, you need to consider which holder it can be used with, since our range includes many models of napkins, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning material and couch sheets, both in classic rolls and in packs.

Packaged paper products are becoming more and more popular. This is due to the economy and ease of use, storage and transportation.

Products in rolls can have different winding lengths, diameters, heights, differ in the presence or absence of a sleeve inside. In addition, the paper can be perforated or unperforated.

An important criterion is "absorbency". This value directly depends both on the number of layers and on the choice of raw materials and the technology for the production of finished products. When choosing a wiping material, keep in mind that it is more "absorbent" than a paper towel, and modern airlaid technology allows a single-layer paper web to absorb moisture more efficiently than similar multi-layer products.

Premium products are made from 100% cellulose and are white, but our range also includes similar products in other colors (blue, green, gray) made from recycled moisture resistant waste paper.

Cosmetic wipes, which are presented in our assortment along with dining rooms, can be purchased in cardboard boxes for home use or in polyethylene bags that can be used outside the home.

Toilet seat covers are made of high quality white cellulose. Their number in a pack is 200 and 250 pieces. In addition, "TISCHA PAPIER" also offers very small packs of linings, which can be individually designed with your logo, and will contain overlays in the amount of 7 pieces.

In the production of sanitary paper products under the Tischa Papier trademark, modern embossing technologies are used:

UltraAirPocket - technology of embossing and bonding paper layers with glue ("point to point"), the voids formed between the layers significantly increase the ability to absorb moisture, the products become more durable due to the puffiness of the paper, the strength characteristics are improved, the resistance to water dissolution is increased, the lint separation is reduced , paper consumption is significantly reduced and money is saved.

AirPocket is a technology for embossing and bonding paper layers with glue ("picture to picture"). The formation of rustot (air chambers) between the layers improves the absorbent properties, the product becomes more voluminous due to giving fluff to the paper, the strength characteristics are improved, the resistance to water dissolution is increased, the lint separation is reduced, the paper consumption is significantly reduced and money is saved.

Steel-to-Steel is a steel roll embossing technology. When the paper passes between two steel rolls, it is dried and simultaneously bonded to each other (in the case of using two or more layers), the absorbent properties are improved, the paper becomes fluffy and more voluminous.

Steel-t-Rubber - embossing technology using steel and rubber shafts. When the paper passes between the steel and rubber rolls, the pattern of the steel roll is printed on the paper, the paper layers are held together, the absorbency of the paper is improved and the product becomes more voluminous.

Edge embossing is a technology of bonding paper layers together using two narrow steel rollers. This technology allows the production of paper products with minimal interference with the structure of the paper web and preserves the consumer properties of the base paper (no embossing, only two stripes along the edges).

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