Liquid soap, foam. shower gel

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Liquid soap has long been an essential attribute of modern life. We use it at work, in public restrooms, in hotel rooms, and even at home. Its convenience is obvious, so we can no longer imagine our life without this hygiene item, and over time, more and more demands are placed on it.

Our range includes liquid soap with various properties, packaged in containers from 0.25 to 5 liters.

To take care of the skin of hands and body, we offer liquid soap of our own production of the ELETTO, PRIMO and MODESTO series.

ELETTO soap has a moisturizing effect. It is perfect for use at home, it is a pleasure to use it in a hotel, office. In addition to gentle care, ELETTO has a wonderful scent that you can choose from the palette offered in this line. ELETTO soap is presented in various packaging: 2, 3 and 5 liters.

The classic PRIMO liquid soap is perfect for use both at home and in public places with high and low traffic (offices, sports clubs, shopping centers, train stations, airports, etc.). In this series, you can also choose soap with your favorite scent. PRIMO is available in packs of 1 and 5 liters.

 Liquid soap of the MODESTO series is available for any budget. The low cost allows it to be used in places with high attendance and high consumption of consumables.

Special requirements for soap are made by individual professional industries. For example, the profession of a doctor, an employee of the cosmetology and beauty industry, or a catering worker. In our assortment, such requirements are met by DEZZO soap with a disinfecting effect.

A modern addition to the assortment is the most delicate delicate SOFO foam soap. Its light texture helps to gently cleanse and soften the skin. SOFO is used in foaming dispensers, due to which, compared to conventional liquid soap, its consumption is significantly reduced, and a pleasant citrus aroma will add vivacity and energy.

In addition to a large selection of soaps, ATMA offers ESTA shower gel, which is excellent value for money and is suitable for use in high traffic public places while maintaining a high level of customer service. The gel is packaged in packs of 5 liters.