How to understand what kind of trash been you aquire?

Today, the most important factor influencing the impression of your organization is cleanliness and "grooming". Therefore, the urn in your room should not look like a "trash can"... Your office, home, restaurant, hotel, etc., can not claim a serious attitude to yourself if you do not observe the elementary rules of cleanliness. Remember at least how often we are upset and disappointed to see next to the beautiful facade of the building a lot of cigarette butts or a smoking urn.

In fact, the struggle for the absence of garbage is not at all difficult, if only once to approach this task, armed with knowledge of the existing assortment of trash cans, their functions and places of application.

So, the first thing you need to protect is the facade. For the entrance group, the following options are available: urn-ashtray and urn with removable garbage bag. These containers, as a rule, have a large volume and their closeness. You can open such an urn, only having a key from it that it reliably hides its eyes from prying eyes. In addition, street urns are not refined. If the entrance to your room is not in a closed courtyard and withstands very high traffic, then it will be right to use a large urn that is attached to the floor.

The next important object is the office baskets, located near the staff tables. Their variety also allows you to make a choice that fits your interior and work style in the office. Such a basket, as a rule, is made of plastic or light metal, does not have a lid. It is intended exclusively for clerical garbage, its openness suggests the same transparency in the work and the absence of secrets between employees. In addition, this design facilitates the use and cleaning process.

Separate requirements for the trash can be presented in the toilet. Moreover, properly selected equipment, for this part of the room, is often decisive in preserving the purity and overall impression of your office, institution or home.

In the toilet, as a rule, two types of urns are used: for the utilization of paper towels and for the disposal of toilet paper.

Under the first category, either open rectangular metal urns may fall, if the amount of use of the uranium is large and cleaning is often done, or a closed basket, but always with a pedal. The second option is only permissible if the toilet is visited by a strictly limited number of people (employees or hotel guests).

The urn for recycling toilet paper can have any design, but it should only be closed, small, with a lid and a pedal.

Many organizations have a kitchen or conditional space, where employees take food. In such places it is permissible to use a closed urn with a pedal.

A serious problem is also the presence of the smell of cigarettes. It is important to remember that you can not smoke in the room! If you can not abandon this habit, it is necessary to take a separate, isolated place, and use a special urn-ashtray, which will not allow the unpleasant smell to spread.

As you can see, the variety of baskets makes it possible to provide practically all situations preventing the possibility to observe the garbage. The company "ATMA" has its own production of metal urns of different size, color and design, which will allow you to make a good choice for any interior.