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Tischapapier products include a range of hygienic goods such as paper towels, toilet papers, bed sheets, napkins and toilet seat covers.

Perfect quality, simplicity and convenience for use is guaranteed by highly automated production equipment and utilizing green raw materials and 100% waterproof cellulose. This provides for ensuring high quality specifications in accordance with actual consumer standards. Waterproof paper stock (recyclables) is used in manufacturing budget products.

Wide range of Tischapapier products allows for selection of various hygienic items corresponding to individual needs of any particular client:

  • Paper towel rolls. These items are used with special holders which allow to detach a piece of paper easily and conveniently with desirable length and prevent unnecessary paper overspending. The towels have standard size which allow them to be used with many dispenser types from different worldwide manufacturers. You can also select the necessary length of the roll (from 300 cut pieces in MINI pack to 680 cut pieces in MIDI pack) depending on your needs. Optimal roll length allows you not to think over filling the dispenser again for a long period of time and compact size of big paper volume will considerably decrease your costs on handling and storage.
  • Tischapapier toilet paper features some special quality and each item follows with generally adopted regulations and requirements. We offer supplies of toilet paper with different roll lengths. The paper in packs is recommended for the demanding clients. Tischapapier toilet paper is very handy and convenient in use. These goods ideally fit for use with dispensers.
  • Paper napkins. These items will be applicable wherever you are: on the road, outdoors, at office or home. Table napkins are not only a decoration of any festive table, they also are suitable for making yourself tidy – by wiping your lips or hands while feasting – you will feel much more comfortable with them. Say, facial tissues laid in a hotel room may be indicative of some care for visitors and leave a favorable impression.
  • Single use toilet seat covers. These are represented in three basic types: MINI, MAXI and TICI. MINI and MAXI covers are designed for use in restaurants, hotels, and other small places with high levels of traffic and use of consumable material. Single use toilet seat covers are used complete with a special holder which is mounted in a toilet room. These covers may greatly help in a hospital, at work, in a train or plane trip. TICI covers are very compact and handy. They can be easily put in a pocket or handbag, thus be at hand in the most demanded situation.

UltraAirPocket technology

Up-to-date technology of embossing and binding of paper layers with glue (analogue to “point-to-point” technology).

Formed by this technology air gaps (air pockets) increase in several times ability of tissue products to adsorb water and products become more bulky due to increase of fluffiness.

This technology improves strength characteristics, increases resistance to water solubility and decreases lint loss. Finally, use of tissue products manufactured by UltraAirPocket technology significantly reduces consumption and spares funds.


AirPocket technology

Up-to-date technology of embossing and binding of paper layers with glue (analogue to “pattern-to pattern” technology).

Formation of air gaps (air pockets) between layers increases water adsorption properties and goods become more bulky due to increase of fluffy properties.

Strength characteristics improved, resistance to water solubility increased, lint loss decreased due to application of this technology. Finally, use of tissue products manufactured by AirPocket technology reduces consumption and spares funds.


Steel-to-steel technology

Steel shafts embossing technology.

Due to paper passing between two rotating shafts it is fluffed and at the same time its layers bind with each other (in case of two or more layers), adsorbing properties increase and paper becomes fluffy and more bulky.

Steel-to-rubber technology

Steel and rubber shafts embossing technology.

Due to paper passing between steel and rubber shafts pattern of rubber shaft is imprinted on paper, paper layers bind with each other, adsorbing properties increase and tissue products become more bulky.

Edge embossing technology

Binding technology of paper layers by means of two narrow steel rolls.

This technology allows to manufacture products with minimum interference into structure of paper sheet and keep consumer performance of raw paper.


PREMIUM   This range of products includes goods made of cellulose raw material with special features.

Paper towels, industrial rolls (wiping napkins), medical rolls are produced of cellulose with very high parameters of wet strength and resistance to tearing.

Cellulose raw material, for production of toilet paper and paper napkins, is made with the special methods and/or usage of additives for creating soft feeling.


ECO  Range of products made of high quality recycled raw material.

Wet creping method is used for production of raw material for this products range that provides the material with special strength and high adsorbing ability.

In other cases picked or whitened recycled raw materials are used for these products.

Also ECO products can be made from selected or bleached high quality waste paper.



BASIC  Products range made of cellulose or recycled raw materials with basic parameters produced according to standard technology.

Tischapapier trademark is hygiene and comfort under any circumstances.

ATMA Company is an official representative of the Tischapapier trademark.